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B.1994 - Based in Newcastle Upon-Tyne



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Hello! My name is Jack and I’m an aspiring art director. I’m also a lanky ginger, pizza-loving, art admirer, amateur runner, crisp connoisseur and semi-decent video gamer with impeccable music taste (if I say so myself). 

What sets me apart from other creatives is that I have a Fine Art background. Because of this, I come at briefs from a completely different angle to someone who went to ad school. My lack of formal training is my superpower. It means I'm not tied down to what should and shouldn't be done.

My transition from Fine Art to advertising felt natural. My art practice was heavily influenced by graphics and the beauty in everyday things, which is now reflected in my advertising work. My dissertation was also on the impact the internet had on the art world which also influenced my practice. What I'm trying to say is that maybe I should have known earlier that advertising is where I need to be.

Anyway, enough about me. Give us a message and let's chat!




Manchester School of Thought 2023

Drummond Central Placement 2023

Publicis Student Workshop 2022


Fine Art BA (Hons) - Newcastle University

Exchange - Funen Art Academy, Denmark 

UAL Foundation - Stockport College



2019 - Spaghetti Factory // - Newcastle 

2019 - Calculated Fascinations // 36 Gallery - Newcastle 


2019 - Middlesbrough Art Weekender // Curated by Spaghetti Factory

2018 - Spanish City //  Curated by IOUAE 

2018 - Bankley Studios & Gallery Open Call // Manchester 

2018 - Your Space To Exhibit //  Jane Doe – Newcastle 

2017 - Funen Art Academy Third Year Show // Curated by Nanna Stjernholm – Kunsthal ULYS, Odense

2017 - Hand In // 36 Limestreet, Newcastle

2016 - Northern Lines // Lost Arch – Newcastle 

2016 - Northern Lines // DJCAD, Dundee

2016 - Pleasure Club // The Newbridge Project, Newcastle 

2016 - Fail Better // The Newbridge Project, Newcastle 


2019 - YNGSPC -

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