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Client: Halfords 

Products: Tyres


Media: Any 


Audience: All Drivers

Problem: Halfords want to be number one for tyres. We need to dial up the importance of having the right tyres on your car, and that they are in the right condition.

Insight: The condition of a vehicle's tyres can contribute to aquaplaning, a common issue in the UK with an average of 156.2 days of rainfall annually. Aquaplaning causes cars to skid on water or ice, akin to the movement of a shopping trolley.

Idea: 'Off Your Trolley' is Halfords new campaign demonstrating the experience of aquaplaning and emphasising the importance of maintaining top-notch tyres as winter approaches.

trolley car on road.png

Digital: Halfords will launch a CGI viral video depicting a car attempting to drive with trolley wheel but hilariously failing. The initial ambiguity of its realism aims to raise awareness, encouraging viewers to prioritise tyre checks and replacements with Halfords.

Car with tents.png

PR: Halfords will construct a car with shopping trolley wheels, stationed in supermarket car parks for photo opportunities. A tent in the same location will offer tyre checks and fittings whilst you do your weekly food shop.

Product: Get a free Halfords £1 coin keychain after a tyre check. Use it for supermarket trolleys and tyre tread checks. Available for purchase in-store and online as well.

Experiential: Experience the Halfords Trolley Car Course: Transforming the rear wheels into trolley wheels provides the sensation of skidding on ice or aquaplaning. Try to complete the course and compete for the best time.

Key ring 2.png
Car Course coloured.png
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