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Client: Oranges


Media: Social Media + Experiential


Audience: Gen Z Women

Problem: Statistics show a particular drop in Gen-Z purchasing oranges, especially those who identify as female. We need to create a more compelling proposition for oranges in this market and position them as culturally relevant and appealing to Gen-Z.

Insight: With 45% of Gen-Z prioritising mental well-being, oranges, rich in vitamin C, effectively lower cortisol and blood pressure. Their collagen-boosting properties make oranges an ideal addition to any beauty routine.

Idea: Tapping into the subculture and trend known as 'Shower Orange', we want to add oranges into everyone's morning beauty routine by showing that they're a perfect de-stresser and best consumed (you guessed it) in the shower.

Orange COLURED.png

New Stickers: All oranges will now have stickers stating they're "best consumed in the shower" to peak curiosity.


PR: January is a stressful and depressing month. We will claim it as Oranjanuary! The aim is to 'Shower Orange' once a day during the month. This will help Gen-Z women improve their skin and most importantly generate sales.

Social: Targeting Gen-Z women, we'll collaborate with influencers Molly Mae and Emma Chamberlin for Oranjanuary. Their vlogs will showcase their daily citrusy baptisms to relieve stress and how their skin improves over the month. They will also receive and review a beauty hamper that will be available to purchase. Featuring collaborations with Inkey List and The Ordinary. 

UGC: Using the hashtag #HowDoYouShowerOrange will engage creative participation across social channels.

Shower Orange Coloured.png
Molly Mae coloured.png

Fountain: A huge fountain at summer festivals around the world. The best way to cool off and soothe the soul is by ravaging oranges in the shower. No throwing oranges! It's a place of peace.

Orange Spa: Indulge in serene spas dedicated to celebrating the orange in picturesque locations. Experience harmony with nature and the orange. 

Festival Fountain with rain.png
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