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Client: Sacha Lord

Products: New Book - Tales from the Dance Floor


Media: Social


Audience: Nostalgic Ravers + WHP fans

Problem: Launching in Spring 2024, 'Tales From The Dance Floor' compiles Sacha Lord's untold stories, spotlighting The Hacienda's early days, WHP's inception, and the birth of Parklife. How can we strategically use Sacha Lord's career narrative to propel his book onto the Sunday Times bestsellers list?

Insight: Manchester has a renowned music scene, of which Sacha Lord is an integral part, which is celebrated in his new book. The impressive John Rylands Library, known for its beauty, is in the heart of Manchester. What unfolds when we merge Sachs's expertise in partying with this literary setting?

Idea: To celebrate the launch of Sachs Lord's book we will hold a once-in-a-lifetime rave in the UK's most beautiful Library: The John Rylands Library

Library Rave.png

Execution: The rave features top Manchester DJs like Luke Una and Clint Boon, celebrating the city's diverse music, from Northern Soul to 90s dance classics, in an extraordinary venue for a unique experience.

PR: To attend the exclusive rave, you must participate in an elaborate ticket hunt around Greater Manchester, with tickets hidden near independent venues and locations tied to the city's rich music history referenced in Sacha's book. Those without tickets can catch the live stream on YouTube.

Sankeys soap.png
Salford Lads Club.png

Social: Sacha will release daily clues on social media to guide the hunt for tickets. Live streams featuring the available tickets will be broadcast on social platforms, offering viewers clues and a front-row seat to see who secures them first.

Spotify: Daily additions to a Spotify playlist will feature artists that provide subtle clues about ticket locations. The playlist builds anticipation and excitement for the event. The recording of the rave will be available on Spotify for unlimited listening pleasure.

Tickets Live Stream.png
Sacha on a phone.png
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