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Client: YO! 

Products: Christmas Products


Media: Earned and Social


Audience: 18 - 25 City Dwellers

Problem: Create a PR idea hero'ing YO! Christmas products, that live and breathe the spirit of "perma-joy" whilst driving fame and footfall for YO! this Christmas.

Insight: The UK is generally rubbish with chopsticks. Most people fail miserably and resort to using a fork, but that's not fun. Luckily, this year a hack was reported on by The Mirror. A TikTok video showed how a simple napkin can make chopsticks easier.

Idea: YO!'s Japanese fried chicken (JFC) is chopstick-lickin' good and now there's no excuse not to use chopsticks with YO!'s new Origami-like napkins specifically for the chopstick hack.

Chopsticks coloured.png
Digital Napkin.png

In-Store Event 

YO! will celebrate the launch of the Xmas menu and the Origami napkins in selected stores, inviting special guests and reporters to spread the word. Select influencers will also receive hard cases containing the Origami napkins, while a lucky winner can obtain the same case through a raffle.

influencer and phone.png


Invite consumers to invent other creative ways to eat JFC with chopsticks this Christmas. YO! will collaborate with YouTuber Colin Furze to help spread the word.

candy cane coloured.png


YO! will employ people to hand out the Origami napkins outside other Asian restaurants that use chopsticks. This way we can infiltrate our competitors.

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